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Project A - Client Scenario
The Information Systems organization of a major Canadian telecommunications company was plagued with dissatisfied users, conflicting priorities, project overruns, lack of documentation, and challenges with continuity where temporary  contractors played a key role in the development process.

A Project Management Office (PMO) was established through which to research and introduce best practice methodologies which were flexible and customizable yet provided a consistent and structured approach to project management.  Training was provided to 300 systems professionals, a systems library established and a quality assurance function formed to support, monitor and report on project status.  The approach enabled effective cross-functional teams and resource sharing.  In addition user requirements were being met.  The new project management disciplines formed the basis for ISO certification and global Information Systems consolidation.

Project B - Client Scenario
The same telecommunications organization experienced complaints from customers regarding the lack of responsiveness to their operational needs.

A project was initiated to understand the root cause of the complaints, propose a Customer Care program and implement the solution.  Surveys were conducted across both employee and customer bases, focus groups held, benchmarks established and customer service processes, materials and standards designed.  The program was initiated across all N. American locations and included training, monitoring and communications.

Project C - Client Scenario
The customers of the Information Services organization in a telecommunications company were dissatisfied with the provision and cost of network and computing services resulting in poor relationships, budget disagreements and threats of outsourcing.

Two projects were initiated to address improving communications between Information Systems and the user.  An Marketing Communications function was established to develop one, standard and accurate description of all the technical services and costs including  the features and benefits.  These included FTP, Video Conferencing, Data and Voice Networks etc. In addition a  Cost Management team was established to reduce the global corporate voice/data network and computing expenses of over US $250M by 10% while increasing usage through business process analysis and mapping.

Project D - Client Scenario
A telecommunications in-house University needed to establish a curriculum for the telecommunications company employees.

Facilitated senior management workshops to determine the personal development needs of network technology and information systems employees.  Facilitated  brainstorming ideas with cross-functional groups and managed the consensus process, analysis and interpretation of results, senior management presentation and final report. 

Project E - Client Scenario
A new organization was being established to provide an integrated repository for training for telecommunications professionals across Canada

Facilitated workshops to define the strategic direction of the organization and determine system requirements for the central database.  Facilitated brainstorming ideas with cross-functional groups. Managed the consensus process, analysis and interpretation of results, senior management presentation and final report, 

Project F - Client Scenario
A software developer of congruent billing systems for the telecommunications industry lacked a consistent approach to application development.  This compromised the core product and client customization resulting in inefficient development practices.  Dissatisfied clients insisted on introducing a standard project management methodology.

Facilitated workshops in customized project management methodology for information systems professionals (programmers, analysts and managers).


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